Terms and Conditions


  1. The service period commences at the time the chauffeur and the rented car arrives at place agreed upon by the Renter and Bali Midori Transport. The service period terminates in accordance with the service expiration period stated in the agreement and the signing of the chauffeur’s working schedule.
  2. Services extension period should be made and confirmed at the latest one day prior the expiration date. Any services extension period will be subjected to availability.
  3. Payment of the services extension shall be made in advance prior to the expiration of the preceding services period.



  1. The chauffeur’s services is 10 hours a day (nor accumulative). Any additional hours will be charged 10% per hour.
  2. The Renter shall sign the chauffeur’s working schedule at the beginning and at the end of service.
  3. Sleep out charge is the charge imposed for the use of driver service for an out of town trip if the driver has to stay overnight for such trip.
  4. Statement number 3 above shall not be applicable for special events or special package made by Bali Midori Transport.



  1. Tentative booking should be made minimum a week (7 days) to Bali Midori Transport office by email: info@balimidori.com
  2. In case of emergency, The Lessee may book and get the confirmation via phone number: +62-811399 631 or +62-812 381 8947. However a written correspondence to Bali Midori Transport should follows.
  3. The type of usage charge will be settled based on reservation in advance.
  4. Reservation Hour: Monday – Friday (09:00 – 17:00); Saturday (09:00 – 15:00); Sunday (closed)



  1. Full payment will be charged when the vehicles already stand by at the time & place requested / due to no-go show guest.
  2. Cancellation made 1 (one) day prior to service date would be charged 50% (fifty percent) from vehicle number requested especially for event / big number utilization request



  1. An advance deposit is needed to make a booking. The booking charge is minimum 50% of the used plan and the balance should been paid at the time of the beginning day service. Or please contact us how will you manage.
  2. Daily charter / Full day charter / Outside city use, would be charged additional 3 hours price.
  3. Any additional charges which arise subsequently based on the user of other additional services will be invoice separately.



  1. The payment shall be made prior to the service (payment in advance) by Cash, telegraphic transfer, and credit card (Visa, MasterCard).
  2. The payment shall be in Rupiah currency or US Dollar currency. Particularly, for payment in US Dollar currency, the rental value will be converted to the Rupiah currency based on the valid exchange rate and determined by Bali Midori Transport at the time of transaction and will become a fixed rate until the expiration of the service period.
  3. All bank correspondence charges applied to telex transfer shall be borne by client.
  4. Any credit card payment will incur an additional 4% for VISA or Master Card from the total amount.
  5. Payment made in USD bill(s), the bill(s) must be in perfect condition, with no rip, tear(s), mark(s), crease(s), and must be printed no earlier than 2007.
  6. On any transfer made, please state the confirmation number to ensure the payment(s) are allocated to the correct booking(s).
  7. To help us trace the payment(s), please email us the remittance slip to info@balimidori.com or accounting@balimidori.com



  1. The Renter is prohibited to drive the car personally especially for driving lesson.
  2. The use the car for bringing goods or loading the car in excess of standard weight limitation determine by the factory.
  3. Use the car for purposes contrary to the law including demonstration and political campaign.
  4. Carrying strongly-smelled luggage, chemical materials and or other materials, this should be carried by appropriate vehicles.
  5. Any consequences arising from the violation of the above provisions will be the responsibility of the Renter.



  1. If the Rented Car suffers damage or any part of it doesn’t working properly during the trips, Bali Midori Transport will promptly provide a replacement car for the Renter for the time being, without additional cost to the Renter, as long as it takes place in the area where a branch office of Bali Midori Transport is located. In this case, the replacement car will be at the same type / class with the Rented Car and in good state of repair and condition and in accordance with the manufacture’s standard.  In the event that Bali Midori Transport could not provide a replacement car, Bali Midori Transport will give compensation to the Renter, the calculation of which will be done at our office.
  1. Bali Midori Transport shall not be responsible for any losses or damages to the goods owned by the RENTER, which are left in the car during the rental period. Particularly, the Renter is prohibited to leave valuable things in the car when not using the car and/or not entrusted valuable things to the chauffeur.

If you have any question and need more information please do not hesitate to contact us.